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Feb 9th, 2014 Comments Off on What it needs to be a good bettor

What it needs to be a good bettor

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Gambling can become very dangerous. For the people who bet, for their families, for the society. How a bettor becomes “sick game”? Who is most at risk? How can you heal?

Poker face, poker face. The title of the famous song by Lady Gaga summarized in two words the aspects that could characterize a compulsive gambler. Of course this is an exaggeration, because outwardly there is no basis for distinguishing a player who has not played since, but several studies sociological, psychological and neurobiological have identified compulsive gamblers in the precise characteristics that distinguish them from those who do not play or play without dependence.

To learn more about the behaviors associated with gambling and other dependencies of the Italians, in the period 2007-08 was conducted nationwide study Ipsad ( Italian Population Survey on Alcohol and other Drugs ). It is a statistical survey (‘prevalence’) carried out through the distribution of a questionnaire to collect information on addictive behavior (addiction) in the general population.

The survey was made according to the methodological standards defined by European Observatory on Drugs and drug Addiction “EMCDDA” in Lisbon. In particular as regards the game information has been collected on the habit to play money, the intensity of the propensity to gamble on “pathological gambling” (Gap or compulsive gambling), according to the scale of the Canadian Problem Gambling Index Short Form.

What was found by this investigation showed that the player is a one-off man, between 25 and 44 years, with a high average level of education, living alone or with friends and have a job held (entrepreneur executive, etc.). They types who gamble less are housewives, pensioners and people with children or traders and freelancers.

Basically, it was found that a high socio-economic level is most associated with gambling.

However, is it possible the people with a low economic level to be more frequent problem gamblers? Well, it is hard to say.

There were also no found any significant correlations between gambling and alcohol consumption, smoking and / or drugs. In addition, the game is often associated with various types of aggressive behavior in the past and sometimes loss of money or valuables.

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